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To be more happy
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To Be More Happy

Is needful see the born of sunshine and fair, how the life have a new beginning on each dawn.

Is needful talk words of peace and love, sow this seed, the earth will acclaimm you.

Sometimes is need stay in more absolutely silent to contemply his creation w/ the eyes from mind and revenciae for any time the beautful of word when the architect god do w/ magnific and great perfection use only the explender power of love...

Is needful lover ever w/ no need back again.

Is needful give ever w/ no need to ask.

Same, because the great universal eyes that move the word he is the same that do rise, live and open the flowers, ever looking to us.

A new time, he send us back all multiplicate, all that us desire for all likeness.

So as same that be only thinking emit to others, all that you would like happen w/ you, be more one w/ simple work of be more happy, and you still help to enligthen the flag of peace in the word.

Now I have to go the day dawn, am walking a little, I will see more a sunset and more late when the nightfall come I will stay w/ stars maybe I think; I can be one Star, same that my shine dont next great like one star, but my ideas ( light) stay free forever in the universe and my canvas stay expouse in the hillside of word, talk about love, talk about peace...

Gomes d' Galhar

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